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Areas of Treatment 

Women with ADHD

In my experience, women are often under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed when it comes to the diagnosis of ADHD. The executive functioning deficits can differ widely for the sexes and from person to person. I am here to support you in assessing the diagnosis and identifying ways in which you can thrive.

Overwhelmed Moms

Do you feel defeated? Do you feel like life is too much and too difficult to manage everything? Are you constantly giving to others without having any time for yourself? I help moms find balance in their life in order to reduce their stress and find a sense of peace and harmony in their world.

Disempowered Women

Do you feel less confident than you used to? Is it hard for your voice to feel heard? I am here to help women who feel like they want to feel empowered again, to use their voice and honor their values. 

Paralyzed by Perfection 

Do you feel like you constantly need to improve things? Are you often overly critical of your flaws or faults? Are you someone who eagerly enjoys gaining approval? I am here to support you in exploring ways in which your perfectionism is getting in your way. Together we can find creative ways to use this and remove the unhelpful criticisms. 

Imposter Syndrome

If you find it difficult to accept your achievements and you are often doubting your abilities with your work or your life, you might be experiencing imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome can disproportionately affect high achieving women. I support those needing to build their confidence and trust their abilities. 

My Approach


I support women who are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, experiencing lack of emotional control, notice daily stress, have negative self-judgement, or uncertainty about work or relationships.

If you are suffering with constant self-criticism, you are not alone. Many women experience perfectionism, critical thoughts, and lack of energy due to the time and energy commitments we give to others. Your work with me will explore your present exhaustion, past history and how to move forward.

I am here to support the many creative and powerful traits you have as a woman. Our work together will build compassion and insight. I want to support you in gaining strength and finding hope to heal.

My Approach
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